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About the Tattoo Studio

Newtown Art Studio is a contemporary Tattoo and Art Studio located on Pakington Street in Geelong, VIC Australia. Our artists cover a diverse style range, including black and grey realism, hyper detailed colour realism, fine line, illustrative, neotraditional, traditional and watercolour. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment and working with our clients to bring their concept to life.

Our artists are devoted to their art and demonstrate artistic portfolios that extend beyond tattooing, including oil painting, graphite, water colour, air brushing and digital art. The artists passion and commitment is reflected in their work and high attention to detail when creating your tattoo artwork. 

Guest Artists

After Care

During the healing period refrain from wearing any clothes that will administer friction or rub the tattoo. Do not swim in the ocean or in a pool, engage in exercise that results in heavy perspiration, or expose the tattoo to sunlight on a hot day. Please consider other environmental variables during the healing process, i.e., dust, work environment, sand, etc. If your tattoo starts to show signs of an infection or an allergic reaction, please seek medical advice.               

Poor aftercare will affect your tattoo and potentially damage the artwork.

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